Hard Dude Stuff

by The Hunky Newcomers

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So you may notice that there's not a catalog number on this, nor do I actually know when I recorded and mixed it. This is because this CD was made almost purely as a laugh with no thought put into it. The four guys that started Hunky Newcomers (Nich Richard, Loren Pudvay, Matt Gregory, and Sam Ellison) did so at some point in mid-late May 2011 while goofing around, and I had the unique perspective of being at GTG House when they decided they were going to try to learn some songs together purely for the hell of it, then I left for a few hours and came back as they were all laughing about some stupid songs that they had just written on the spot. I liked the songs and said I would record them for the hell of it, and from there they decided to write more songs. A few weeks after this, on June 7, we were set to put on a house show for our buddy Nato Coles and his Blue Diamond Band and the guys said they would play a set at this show and that we should make it a CD release show, as it would be really funny to call a band's first show their CD release show. I also thought this was funny so we recorded these 10 tracks (9 songs, two of them repeated, two tracks containing two songs, one of them being a repeat of an earlier song; this was very well thought out) really quickly and they made up a handful to sell at this house party. We jokingly gave it the catalog number "GTG517" as no one at this point had much of a thought that maybe the band would continue beyond this house party. This wasn't the first or last time that people hanging out at GTG decided to record some "goof off" songs, and we always talk about starting bands to play one-off shows for fun. I for one was really glad that Matt was finally singing in a band as I had wanted him to for years ever since I heard him and Loren drunkenly playing Social Distortion songs at parties, so I wasn't entirely surprised when they sounded pretty good and everyone liked them at the house party. They actually sold all of the CDs and pretty soon a lot of people around town knew the songs and asked them when they were playing shows again. Sam stopped playing with them after this but they quickly recruited Michael Boyes (who later left and was replaced by Ben Hassenger) to play with them and they started to build a fanbase around Lansing, periodically making more copies of "Hard Dude Stuff" and selling them at shows. So, of course, something that was tossed off in a couple hours became something that more people heard than some things that some of us have spent months (hell, years) working on. This CD kind of exists in a limbo of being a non-official demo and a debut EP, but... it's really just music made by people having fun.


released June 7, 2011



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The Hunky Newcomers Lansing, Michigan

Punk rock hunks sing songs about loving, booze, loving booze, good times, and UFOs.

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